dont know this family but sounds like they went from being a “normal” family to hell in this US of A, hope you can get it all figured out.


Before all the chaos in the last 4+ years, we were a simple family living a simple life. I worked 60+ hours a week going from 3rd shift during the week to day shift on the weekends. My wife was a stay at home mom who spent hours volunteering at our kids school. And my kids? Well, they weren’t teenagers.

Living paycheck to paycheck, exhausted from week to week, and some how fitting in a little family time. Yep, that was a simpler time.

What changed? Money, a settlement(s) to be exact.

Did having money bring on new problems? Yes, but not like you’d expect.  We didn’t have long lost family and friends coming out of the woodwork looking for a  hand out.Our settlement(s) were kept extremely quiet. 

Our problem was getting access to our money PERIOD.

Without getting into specifics:

* Imagine having a winning lottery ticket…

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