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Creeping Sharia

via causingfitna

The Muslim Brotherhood in America and some of the leading Islamic groups throughout the USA have been a hot button issue for some time. Both corrupt/ignorant politicians and the media have tried repeatedly to paint any who speak of the Muslim Brotherhood as “crazies”……. that is coming to an end. The “Ikhwan” AKA “Muslim Brotherhood” has been in America long enough to plant their offspring on U.S. soil making them legal citizens even in the event that they are deported, thus the Ikhwan remains.  DEPORTED Dr. Salah Sultan of Ohio is a perfect example.

In a few recent articles by Patrick Poole, and a documentary put out by Glenn Beck called “The Project”, newly found pictures of Dr. Salah Sultan made it clear he was a Muslim Brotherhood operative in the U.S.

The newly found pictures of Salah Sultan were found by  ”CAUSING FITNA” while…

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