so the Royals spend money like our President and his wife here in the states, guess royalty thinks they can spend when they want on what they want.


‘The British public has considered a thorough and detailed review of the royal family’s finances as a long overdue, which it seems is coming true following a change in the law that allows the Members of Parliament (MPs) to take a closer look into the royals’ finances.

Now, Queen Elizabeth II and the royal family face an inquiry into their expenses which would decide whether they provide value for money to the taxpayer.

“When Prince Charles [the second in line to the throne] spends tens of thousands of pounds of public money on personal holidays without a whisper of outrage from our politicians there is clearly something wrong”, says Graham Smith, chief executive of the anti-monarchy campaign group Republic.

Read more: British Royal Family’s Spending of Taxpayer Money Slammed as ‘a Disgrace’


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