ethics towards all breeds of dogs is needed, the pit bull and their related breeds are not the problem but people that train them to kill and maim are. Michael Vick got a slap on the wrist and the dogs were destroyed because of his dog fighting ring, where is the justice in that? I dont care if he is a celebrity he should be held to higher standard not given a slap and fine when some fine animals were destroyed due to his choices, I commend this baseball player who wont allow his dog to be used by the Ontario Govt

Ethics Alarms

Our life-changing events often become crises for our canine companions. In the news today: ethical  and unethical responses in such circumstances, by two individuals in the public eye.

The Unethical

Mindy McReady, the troubled country music star, committed suicide Sunday on the front porch of the home she shared with her boyfriend, who had recently committed suicide there as well. She apparently killed the couple’s dog before taking her own life. McReady’s friends insist that she didn’t kill the dog out of malice, but because she didn’t want to leave the dog alone. Granted, McReady deserves consideration and compassion, since her actions that day were not those dictated by a healthy or fully functioning mind. Still, I read of dog owners doing this a lot, and I’ve known a few—not committing suicide, but killing their dogs when they knew they wouldn’t be able to keep them any more, on the…

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