thats the problem now days, you have all these “kids” that dont experience the world except through a screen, if it didnt happen on line or on a game site they dont know what it is. it is unfortunate, but for those of us that used the time away from games as a punishment we have kids that do know what the world is, and they are still at a disadvantage due to lack of skills outside the computer/game world.


I have heard this response for almost all of my six season of coaching golf. Every season I get golfers who have never picked up a club, so after I show them how to grip the thing, I asked them to swing it like they are hitting a pitched baseball. The title of this thread is almost always the response I get! I am talking never. If I was able to transport myself back to the 1950’s,60’s, 70’s, 80’s, and even as recent as the 90’s, I doubt I would hear this as much as I do. So what the hell happened?

In my un-humble opinion, I am going with video games and the internet as the culprits. As for video games? I have played them since Pong first came onto the scene. Played them through college, and even to this day, I play Tiger Woods’s golf on the Play…

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    Thank you for the re-blog and God bless 🙂

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