Life in the Boomer Lane

Nancy is the author of a blog called, NotQuiteOld, which is sort of how everyone of a certain age feels because old is something that those “other” people are, not us.  Old is like 20 years away.  Always. Right?  Right.  But it’s that pesky “notquiteold” dimension that we exist in that keeps reminding us that we may be notquiteold, but we are notquiteyoung, either.  And there is Nancy, notquite old and notquiteyoung, to put us all in our place, with grace and humor.  She makes it OK to be exactly where we are. 


Two months ago, my zumba teacher surprised us.

She turned on the music and tied on a coin scarf.

You know what I mean: the scarf that belly dancers wear around their hips – the kind with coins or bells that jangle when they swing their hips.

belly dancer

I thought it was odd – even a little silly. Zumba instructors are…

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