Love and a Six-Foot Leash

If you have spent much time reading our blog or following us on the Facebooks, you know that we don’t mind being close:

Snickerdoodle-120105-9Sometimes REAL close:


But even though there are a bazillion photos of us sharing one bed:
Snickerdoodle-120202-14photo 3

Did you know that we don’t ALWAYS want to snuggle?

Here’s how it goes: For about three weeks, we will always go to our room and curl up in the same bed together. Usually I settle in first, then my brother squooshes himself into position to share:

photo (42)

But here’s where I have to admit something. If my brother is in a bed first, I will usually go to the other one (unless it’s ultra chilly, like less than 65 degrees outside), and then he usually gets up out of his and moves over to mine. To share.

So anyhow, this is how we sleep. For weeks and weeks. And then…

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