you bring up very good points, as usual, as for the appendage that we all “need” I have the new version which means I have access to my emails and all that on the phone, I really am tired of it, with the winter weather I love the updates to my phone so I know what to expect for my drive, but like you I hate to see the people on the roads talking, mostly it is women – sorry but true, personally I do NOT know why women need them attached all the time, because they really do not improve their driving skills using it. When I drive the phone is put away, if someone needs to talk to me that bad it can wait till I am at home and parked. if I forgot to pick something up, oh well, should have called me before I was off from work.

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I have discovered the perfect way to piss off America’s driving public…obey posted speed limit signs. Nothing, absolutely nothing will irritate a yummy mommy in her gas guzzler with three kids in their car seats and the cell phone tucked in her left ear more than someone who is obeying the speed limit. This is the same person who will take a full shopping cart into the twelve items or less checkout and bitch because the service is so slow; it’s the same one who will park in the yellow-striped area between two handicapped spots because, “I’ll just be a minute!” They are the same ones who zip through parking lots at Walmart and pay no attention to the marked crosswalks…and always, always, always with the cell phone attached to the left ear. Before you get the idea that I’m against yummy mommies, let me say that teenagers with cells…

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