IMO Being a PC nation is what has gotten us in all this trouble in the first place, used to be you called it as you saw it and if you were proven wrong you apologized, but I am so DONE with “we may hurt someones feelings” Doesn’t anyone besides me remember sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me? Yeah I know bullying is bad, unless of course it is being done by the Lame stream media, or those that are in power… last time I checked the history books WE the people are the power, not those elected illegally, they are SUPPOSE to govern as WE say not the other way around. I am tired of the Muslim population and the Latino’s along with them saying it is hate speech to suspect them… uh OK, if its terrorism it is terrorism, I don’t care if it is not PC, if you came across a border illegally, don’t speak English and do not have the legal right to be here, then you are illegal. period.


We all have different voices, which is what makes us different from the left. I say things differently from anybody else as does John Hinderaker. And so especially does Pamela Geller, none of us sugar coat things for you but, Pamela puts it out there especially straight. I may not be comfortable saying things the way she does (I’m not that brave) but that does not mean I don’t agree with her.

Because I do.

I read her blog and sometimes feature things from it, although my emphasis is somewhat different here. But this story is so over the top that the Power Line blog (another great blog you should be reading) featured it last night. This is so unbelievable that I just have no way to describe it to you. So, I’ll let John (and Pamela) speak for themselves.

The American Freedom Defense Initiative is a Pamela Geller-led organization that…

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