Dogs are our best friends for a reason

Fellowship of the Minds

Here’s your feel-good story of the day.

In despair, a 63-year-old woman was going to commit suicide by shooting herself. But her loyal dog jumped at her and diverted the path of the bullet.

AvignonAvignon, France

Agence France-Presse reports, March 6, 2013, that the woman had carried a .22 rifle into the garden of her home in Avignon in S.E. France, intending to kill herself.

After firing several test shots to ensure that the gun was working, she turned the gun on herself, pointing at her heart, and was about to pull the trigger.

As recounted by a police officer, “When she pulled the trigger, her dog jumped on her and diverted the shot.”

Police thinks the dog, a German Shepherd mix, “probably sensed things and knocked into her to save her.”

The woman suffered a chest wound but was found conscious by her husband. She was taken to…

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